Saturday, June 9, 2012

To My Fellow Loot Whores, What Drives your Unquenchable Thirst for a Virtual Arsenal?

Diablo 3. Oh boy. I purchased the game a few days ago, and despite the many issues that have been well touted by many, as well as some more individualized gameplay issues caused by my graphics card, my overall experience with the game up until this point has been pleasurable. As is to be expected with a series like Diablo, a primary draw the series retains is the vast pool of loot/gear/items, (whichever term suits your fancy), that players can acquire through their travels.  At first, the sole reason I purchased the game was because of a whim, a short instance of boredom but one of those particular spouts in which the victim is inspired against all good reasoning to commit silly acts, such as purchasing a 65 dollar game, with known yet to be rectified technical issues, just to end boredom's temporary reign of a maximum hour long duration; but enough backstory.

Throughout my playtime, however, a familiar imbued, insatiable, feeling within me arose. My Loot-Whorism, after a long period of rest, has returned full force. I can hardly get enough despite the often times aggravating nature of playing the game due to lag and the like. I merely have my monk journey through vast wastes just to obtain my next piece of weaponry or armor. Being aware of just why I was playing the game, despite the few frustrations it has bestowed upon me, has caused me to contemplate just what makes me a loot whore.

I've come to the conclusion that my personal quest for that next awesome piece of gear largely stems from the small tickling "legendary" items give my imagination. I'm speaking of course of the all those loot drops with the little foot notes on them, that give a brief 1-2 sentence history on the artifact. Along with an appropriate, sensual, blood calling name such "historic" weaponry makes me salivate at the mouth. I've realized that I don't ensure that my character is geared up to retain the best possible stats too often because of this. I'd much rather hang on to the gear that has a more interesting footnote on it than one that is simply more powerful. This is likely a reason I prefer crowd control builds in such games, as my damage output can remain secondary to some degree.  Of course, this isn't exactly a good philosophy when it comes to gameplay competition/practicality, but it's what I love the loot for.

What I'm really interested in, however, is why all the other loot whores out there strive for virtual armaments. Is it a thirst for power, to be the best like Ash Ketchum? An insane inclination to collect, collect collect? Simply the aesthetics certain pieces of gear provide? A similar reason to my own impractical sentiments? What, what drives you to constantly chase the dropped goodies of your foes?

I'd like to know, it'd be interesting to see what the most common root for loot thirst is.

A short aside In reagards to Diablo 3 itself; I truly hope Blizzard works out the whole online-only thing and I do regret purchasing the game for $65. Though fun, I don't believe it's worth quite this much...Not yet at least. PvP may add a bit more flavor to it.

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